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Linux USB Creator

Dieses Thema im Forum "Offtopic" wurde erstellt von lennerttt, 29. November 2019.

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    29. November 2019
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    If you are tired of the look of Windows then Linux is here for you. Let's see how to set up Linux by making a Linux bootable USB device. To make a bootable USB device, you may use several utilities.


    For this task we advise you to use one of the following tools. Download the Linux image from their website and pick any of the following tools to create your bootable USB.

    The installation process is as follows. To start with, you have to start your computer so that rather than loading the operating system it loads the USB content that you have prepared together with the Linux installer. This configuration must be performed from the BIOS.

    Now plug in the USB device and after the setup package is loaded, just follow the instructions it indicates. However, remember that the Linux file system is somewhat different from that of Windows, meaning that through the setup procedure you'll have to create several partitions on your hard drive.


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